Health & Well-Being

Aspirin, can it be taken daily

When some people learned that the aspirin they took for the relief of pain and fever was a good preventive medicine against heart attack and stroke, they self-medicated and took a daily tablet of aspirin.

However, they discontinued when they experienced “sour stomach” … maybe, the precursor of ulcers.  They reduced their intake down to twice-a-week.  They maintained this frequency because they continued to worry that they might suffer a heart attack, just like some of their ancestral relatives. Read More >

De-clutter and De-stress

Most people would love for their home to be a place of peace. When people walk through their front door they want to be inspired and have their surroundings bring them joy and calmness. Homes that are organized and calms are usually filled with a lot of laughter and happiness. This is the type of home most people strive for. This is also usually the best type of house to raise a family in. Read More >

Warning Signs for Alcoholism

About seven percent of all adults in the United States are affected by alcohol problems.  Medical, mental, and social problems can all come from alcohol abuse. Knowing the warning signs for alcoholism can help bring an early diagnosis.  When alcoholism is seen early, treatment can begin and the severe medical complications can be avoided. Read More >