HemClear – Physician’s Review

HemClear Is Made For Effective Hemorrhoid Relief

DoctorFor many people, hemorrhoids are such an embarrassing and miserable problem they hesitate to talk to someone about it. Hemorrhoids are a condition where the blood vessels in the anal canal swell and become engorged. Symptoms consist of; pain, itching, blood when wiping after a bowel movement and inability to sit for long periods.

Treatments for hemorrhoids include; over the counter steroid creams, surgery or prescription strength creams. There are natural treatments available and I always try to tell my healthcare clients all of their available options, listing natural relief methods first.

I Am A Natural Treatment Advocate

Witch HazelI believe in using all-natural methods of treatment if at all possible. In some instances, medical treatment is necessary but if the situation allows I teach my healthcare clients how to do natural relief methods at home. Lately, I have been finding this has amazing results for hemorrhoid treatment.

There are herbal remedies available from nature that can bring relief and help the body heal hemorrhoids on its own. I have always promoted the use of one special herb, Witch Hazel. There are more out there like; plantain, cayenne, rutin and Diosmin. I just wished there was a product out there I could recommend to my clients that incorporated all of these ingredients to attack hemorrhoids head on from the inside out.

Thoroughly Impressed With HemClear

HemclearHemClear is an all-natural hemorrhoid relief product that incorporates herbal supplements like; witch hazel, butchers broom, Diosmin, cayenne, plantain and more into a safe and effective supplement. I was impressed and I had to tell my client about it.

This treatment involves taking capsules by mouth and there is a cream available if they want to use it until the pain and itching are controlled. This eliminates the need for powerful steroid creams that can have side-effects and can be messy.

HemClear is made in an FDA Registered Facility. So I know I am recommending a top quality product that adheres to very strict standards of production. They are also regulated by the US Pharmacopeia, who sets standards for strength and purity.

No More Embarrassment And Peace Of Mind

HemcreamSince hemorrhoids can be really embarrassing for people, the company takes extra care to provide discreet packaging. No one has to know they are using a hemorrhoid relief product. The HemClear website has a wonderful display of information and education on hemorrhoids so my clients don’t have to ask friends or family at all. When they come to me, I only have a short amount of time to spend with them in consultation so this website is a big help.

If someone decides to order and try HemClear, they can have peace of mind because the company offers a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. My clients have the option to order and try it and if they are not satisfied, they can return the product within 60 Days and receive a full refund.

Fits A Busy Schedule

I instruct my clients that they need to take 2 Capsules Three Times A Day and for best results use the cream externally twice daily for the first week or so. Then they should take one or two capsules every day to keep hemorrhoids from becoming a chronic issue. After the first week, taking the capsules becomes and easy routine that fits into a busy schedule easily.

Just The Right Blend For Hemorrhoid Relief

HemClear uses just the right blend of ingredients to bring safe and all-natural relief for hemorrhoids. I am proud to recommend this product to my clients and thank you to the makers of HemClear for their hard work and development of a top notch product!

-To learn more about Hemclear click here.

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